Raze-N-Kids Racing
2008 Banquet
2008 Cowtown Kart Banquet
Raze-N-Kids Racing team  is a family-focused organization based on the concept that
cooperation, not togetherness, is the core of family values.
As a team and as individual families we must cooperate to achieve our goals.
The basis of cooperation is graciousness and respect, manifested by the kids as good grades
along with household and team responsibilities. The parents commitment to the racing program
as it integrates into their families life and resources demonstrates cooperation within the community.
A team with the Raze-N-Cane Motorsports organization, Raze-N-Kids seeks to develop young drivers as a whole
and open doors to professional race car driving.

2008 Team members and classes

#11 "Starman" Tony Dowd  SKRAModified
#82 Christian Kinnison - SKRA Animal & 5HP Pure Stock
#48  Marshall "Madman" Macelvy - 5HP Pure Stock
  Clay Hilton - 35. HP Stock
 #6 Carter "The Crusher" Sing Jr.
5 HP Pure Stock

Tracks and Sanctioning
Sanctioning - SKRA Series
Southern Kart Racing Association

Goodbye, old friend....

Texas & Oklahoma Dirt Tracks - Karts

2007 Videos

2006 videos
Tony -Final 2006 Animal feature win
Tony - Modified Exhibition June2006.avi

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